Apple has launched a new accessory for its iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. The Smart Battery Case is marketed at $129.

Who has never seen an iPhone need to be recharged before the end of a day? To address this problem, since 2015 Apple has been selling the Smart Battery Case, a shell acting as an external battery for the iPhone. It allows to add autonomy to the device as long as you do not remove the shell.

In all three cases only two colors are available: black or white. This Smart Battery Case always adds a nice fat, non-uniform, to the iPhone. The area around the camera is covered only with the silicone shell, while the low area around the company logo is where the external battery is located. The silicone shell also adds nice margins all around the screen.

Apple does not specify the capacity of the built-in lithium battery, but says it should add up to 20 to 22 hours of Internet browsing according to the iPhone model.
These phone models are too new to be experiencing major battery-life problems that have inevitably affected older iPhones and which led, in part, to Apple’s battery-replacement program last year. And they offer better battery life overall than 2017’s phones. But conference attendees and frequent travelers know that no battery will ever last long enough.

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