There was an idea
To unite the people
A group of heros
Some were the originals
And few were the copies
Waiting for justice for their leagues
In the parallel universe.
An old man,
A Genius Playboy,
A sizzling hot Cat,
Mighty Thunder,
The greatest Archer of the time
And the mighty Green Beast
Were onboard.
There were 2 Caps
But the most i admire was the Genius
He always urged there’s a threat outside the world
Waiting to be in
No one bothered.
A day both Caps had a fight
The civil war was on
Two different parties were eager in defeating each other.
A day finally came
The arrival of the titan.
The Strange, The web swinger , The panther and few others
Joined the battle declared against the mighty titan.
The Avengers Assembled
But the snap of the fingers of the titan
Vanished the half of the population
Few were the heros too.
Once the genius said the end is coming
The Antman and The Ronin will be the savior
Captain Marvel will be the game changer
As I think so.
It’s the time to Assemble again

It’s the time for the End Game.
The End game is coming soon.

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Vivek Singh

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