Something Extremely New

If you seeing this, I’m sorry for unexpected shutdown of Currently working link of this site is Don’t worry the original link will  work soon. As unable to meet the expense the site was shutdown from my side. sorry for inconvenience caused. Meanwhile I’m preparing for something  extremely new. If you ever liked my…Read More


Kernels For Redmi Note 4(Snapdragon Variant aka Mido) Download Now (Link Updated 06/09/17)

Hey there,How’s u doing?Finally there 4 kernels for redmi note 4 snapdragon variant.Join telegram channel to get faster updates – All the new updates will be posted on From 20th October 2017 Vulcan Velvet Electrablue Faust Priima  We are today going to share only 2 kernels for now (i.e Vulcan and Velvet) and rest post…Read More