Xiaomi has launched the Mi Smart Water Purifier with RO + UV purification in India at its Smarter Living event. It has a minimalist design and has five stages of purification. It has a 7 liter tank and is made of FDA approved material. The purifier has five stages ofRead More →


On September 10, the OPPO Reno 2 was officially uncovered. After two days, OPPO suddenly promoted another flagship product, the OPPO Reno Ace. In fact, at the OPPO Reno2 conference, the company showed the OPPO Reno Ace. At the time, the OPPO spokesperson said, ‘This product will officially come nextRead More →

We are soon starting new services. Under which we will provide a Web development and an Android application at a affordable price. The service is expected to go live at the end of August. We are developing our plans and optimising the way to interact. We will be changing ourRead More →

Xiaomi will unveil, the Mi Max 2’s successor, Mi Max 3 next month. The company has confirmed that it will launch the new Mi Max smartphone sometime in July. Notably, Xiaomi is hosting a global event in Shenzen, China, where it is expected to announce multiple products including the MiRead More →