HMD Global was founded only on December 1, 2016 but in just over two years, thanks to the historic Nokia brand, it has managed to create its own dimension, so much so that it has firmly established itself among the top ten smartphone manufacturers in the world.

HMD’s country manager for Malaysia and Myanmar, Vijay Thangavelu, hold a press interview in which he talked about how the company first started, and what direction it’s planning on taking Nokia phones into the future.

The brand Nokia, on which HMD Global has bet very strong, is universally recognized for its excellent construction quality, almost legendary, and in the winning recipe have been added two other supporting columns such as Google and ZEISS. The decision to choose Android One, with its pure user experience, free of bloatware and customization, seems to meet the favor of users and allows the Finnish company to keep its promises.

Among the objectives of HMD Global there is in fact the desire to offer smartphones equipped with the latest security updates and the latest version of Android for at least two years, all combined with the highest quality hardware, for a user experience always satisfying and amazing.

These are the weapons of the Nokia- branded products used to combat the competition of Chinese producers, which, especially in the low market segments, are a challenge that is often difficult to cope with.

An important part of HMD Global’s business is also represented by feature phones, such as Nokia 3310 3G or the Nokia 8110 4G banana phone , popular some tens of years ago and back in vogue thanks to their simplicity, combined with the presence of essential services, like Google Assistant, Gmail, Google Maps and more.
Quality, simplicity and a lot of attention to software, with timely and constant updates, this is the recipe of HMD Global that for now seems winning and that has managed to bring the Nokia brand to the glories of the 90s.


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