It’s time to fly high
Everything is left behind.
Memories still remained
Back there intact.
For a brand new start
It’s a brand new ending.
People back there will always be
Destiny is already been decided.
Past is no more
Future still awaits.
A promise was made,
A meet once in a year was set.
Divided by distance,
But were close to heart.
Lighting in clouds
Can be felt
Up above high in the sky.
It’s time for a strike.
It’s time to fly high.




By Vivek



#fourth #rottenmach #poem

Categories: Poems

Vivek Singh

Vivek is a blogger, builder of things by passion and handles the situation like pro. You’ll usually find him talking about technology, music, travel, automobiles and the game of Life, when not busy writing or speeding his way through the country!

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