We haven’t heard much from Microsoft concerning the future of its Mobile phone OS, but it is all now clear as the company has officially outed a new Faq page that cears our doubt.

The company in a new faq page formally confirmed that it will be ending support for the Windows 10 Mobile OS later this year, specifically, Official support will end on Dec. 10 for devices on Windows 10 Mobile version 1709, while devices on version 1703 will keep getting support until June 11 after which it will cease all free support, software updates, security patches, and others for any Windows 10 phone.

However, Microsoft noted that users may still rely on third-party developers for support, but it has officially recommended that those on the operating system to go for supported iPhone or Android handset.
Users have also been advised to manually create a backup using the built-in tool before the stipulated date, after which the tool will cease to exist.

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