Samsung files patents to protect the Galaxy J3 Star and Galaxy J7 Star monikers

A new patent filed by Samsung electronics has turned up at the US Trademark and Patent Office, which indicates that the company is looking at the possibility of expanding one of its series of smartphones.

While we still have up to two weeks until the flagship Galaxy S9 duo is made official, the company might be busy preparing to expand its Galaxy J series of smartphones as the Korean giant has now trademarked the Galaxy J3 Star and Galaxy J7 Star monikers.

This patent gives us a hint that the Korean giant might be working on the next generation of Galaxy J phones or may be to avoid other companies coming up with such names in the future.             Whatever the motive might be, the “Star”, if it becomes a reality, will fly pass other sub j series phones including the Pro, Prime, Max, Ace, and Nxt.

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