I am Alive

I am Alive But dead from inside. Most of inner me Is lost deep inside. All the fakeness Is still alive. Pretending to be Happiest soul But only grief and mourn inside. I want to Play My game again. And Wish My Beautiful Inception Never to end. . . . By – Vivek ©rottenmach ©Vivek.97…Read More


Harley Quin

She stands Close to him. Partner in crimes. The love for him Will never die. She is Psychotically Insane, Holding her hammer. His head resting On her chest. The future she will invest. Even though She is outrageous Her Own Madness Is truly contagious. Down a cheeks Rolls a tear Her feelings for him Is…Read More

The Impressions

I admire the impressions that memory create, I resent the wounds that they make; I admire the magic it contains, I resent the scar it retains.   Memories give life to existence it lifts the spirits of conscience it touches the soul and, subside the pain yet, it is vague  and, often inane(silly).    I…Read More