I am Alive But dead from inside. Most of inner me Is lost deep inside. All the fakeness Is still alive. Pretending to be Happiest soul But only grief and mourn inside. I want to Play My game again. And Wish My Beautiful Inception Never to end. . . .Read More →


Let me tell you about a game I play Where I close my eyes and fade away. You are here You said you never leave. I float away to a special place Beyond the stars and moon and space. Just u and me. A place full of love And weRead More →

Fire doused Cradle lost Weather changed But the coldness never lost Lost in the darkness As i walked past The joker in me had the last laugh. . . . . . . By Simran Sandhu © Rottenmach ©arceus_ares

From diamonds she was mold More valuable than silver and gold. Her cheeks so soft Many wish to get a kiss. In my heart she lights Her beauty cannot be defined. The way she looks at me Can’t be explained in a word. Her cute smile, Makes me melt. IRead More →

Once i thought I found a love. That love was so intense As to distinguish between The Reality and the Dreams. Across the sky, I Still think She is there In the sightest corner of my heart, Bound in the walls Pumping the RBC’s.. Across the Vein.. In the meanRead More →