I am Alive But dead from inside. Most of inner me Is lost deep inside. All the fakeness Is still alive. Pretending to be Happiest soul But only grief and mourn inside. I want to Play My game again. And Wish My Beautiful Inception Never to end. . . .Read More →

Let me tell you about a game I play Where I close my eyes and fade away. You are here You said you never leave. I float away to a special place Beyond the stars and moon and space. Just u and me. A place full of love And weRead More →

I want to sit in dark Rather than in light. I am not a nocturnal Or may be i am. I’m just afraid of lights. But I’m tame Or Just a bane. What I see in the mirror is the real me or is it the merciless being That alwaysRead More →

From diamonds she was mold More valuable than silver and gold. Her cheeks so soft Many wish to get a kiss. In my heart she lights Her beauty cannot be defined. The way she looks at me Can’t be explained in a word. Her cute smile, Makes me melt. IRead More →

Loving someone Was never a mistake. It’s not a guilt, You have been carrying since then The situation you are in Does not have to be your Final destination. You were, You are, You will Always be worthy of the love You have been giving to others. Please smile LifeRead More →

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