Am I a failure, Am I a loser,
I wonder if it’s just me.
I can feel the anti-flow of the air,
I can’t see it, and that’s not fair.
I don’t wanna feel like a blue colour,
Am I a failure, am I a loser.
I feel like an alien from outer space,
I see my broken dreams and feel out of place.
“Is this all I wanted?” I thought crying,
I sat down in darkness to introspect the wrong path i went on
And made a pact that the only way to succeed is trying.
Am I a failure, Am I a loser,
Yes I am,
I am a failure and I am a loser
But mark my words,
 I am gonna be a SURVIVOR,
The one who thrives on success not the failure.
Every time I tried to move ahead,
The failure came by me and it just made me go drop dead.
Still though I try to evolve and move past the PAST,
I try to run away from the fact but I just can’t run any fast.
So I drop the gun and take it as a single step by being steady,
I can’t alter the KARMA,
But still I am gonna fight with my arsenal all set and ready.
I know that in the end it’s nothing

But just the BATTLE within.

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Vivek Singh

Vivek is a blogger, builder of things by passion and handles the situation like pro. You’ll usually find him talking about technology, music, travel, automobiles and the game of Life, when not busy writing or speeding his way through the country!

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