This is not what you want
This is what you think.
I know you want to say something
But somehow you couldn’t.
Everyone needs a side kick,
From Robin-Batman
Joker- Harley.
The bane
The cataclysm
Of your life
Is probably i know.
A chance
To vanish the scourge of your life
All I need is to use
Evanesco spell
And everything will be fine.
Promise me
If I set things right
Will you be mine?
And play with me my game
In a place
Where you never leave
Where I never leave
A Place full of love
No fights, No sadness
No rules to follow
No rules to break
Just you and me
With lots of dramatic romance
Together and forever

Vivek Singh

Vivek is a blogger, builder of things by passion and handles the situation like pro. You’ll usually find him talking about technology, music, travel, automobiles and the game of Life, when not busy writing or speeding his way through the country!

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