I’m aware you are here
Your chakra can be felt.
After this so many years
You are on to hunt me down.
I was five,
I remembered the flying high
And landing back down
Was it a dilemma or a dream?
All i could remember is
Starring the red light until i fall sleep.
A new home was waiting.
End for your evilness trick was near
What i thought so.
I was thirteen,
I remembered when
My shadow ran opposite of my direction.
Was it you who did this?
I guess after that you can’t even touch me again.
But those silly tricks was still on board.
I was eighteen,
A new destination was set.
I was mistaken,
But you followed me to the mountains.
But look at you, So weak you are
I’m twenty-one,
You are here in the Garden city.
How much time it took you to be here?
So late and so weak you are now
Thanks to Snapchat filter
Showed me you are here.
But i thought it would be just you,
But you have a friend too,
You never told me that.
I’m not afraid or frieghten of you.
You follow me everywhere
To keep the loved one safe
I fallback to my room everytime as possible.
Captive in a prison, Is all what I feel.
You want me and u won’t stop
Until my death.
For now all i know is
The fire is your weakness.

Vivek Singh

Vivek is a blogger, builder of things by passion and handles the situation like pro. You’ll usually find him talking about technology, music, travel, automobiles and the game of Life, when not busy writing or speeding his way through the country!

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